October 3, 2023
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Will Thalapathy Vijay enter Politics?

Many people in south india knows that when you are popular in cinema the next question from media ask is when you are going to enter politics. Vijay has been one of the super stars in Kollywood. He is the next big star after the great Rajinikanth.

Similarlities between Rajinikanth and Vijay

Both Rajinikanth and Vijay are very popular among the family audiences. When Rajini and Vijay films releases, we can see more number of family audiences coming to theatres. The reason why they are similar is the first thing is their style and second is their screen presence in their films and how they carry the whole film on their shoulders to satisfy all types of fans is not a easy job. The last thing is the comedy timing is phenomenal. You can see all these 3 things only in Rajini and Vijay movies.

Problems faced during the Film Release

Releasing a Vijay film is not an easy job. The first huddle was during Kavalan which released in 2011, the second film which went through the huddle was Thalaiva which released in 2013 the reason for huddle was the title where it had the caption “Time to Lead” this became very big issue and the film released in all other states expect in Tamil Nadu. The released after 10 days. From then on every Vijay film faced all issues during the release. He calmly handled the situation and his films became hit after hit.

Why Political Entry all of Sudden?

We can clearly see lack of leadership in Tamil Nadu right now. For past 2 decades two great leadersĀ  Kalaignar Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa handled wonderfully and taken Tamil Nadu to great heights and we could see the state had good development.

Now is the best time for Vijay to start his political career as his fan base has grown and he speaks his mind, We have seen it in Sarkar audio launch for very tough questions he had answered boldly and he frankly had said that there is not leadership in Tamil Nadu right now. So friends let’s see whether he could make his political entry.

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