March 20, 2023
pegasus 350 cc

Royal Enfield 350cc Pegasus launched in India

Pegasus- A winged Stallion, is named as child of the Greek God posidon as per mythology.This bike’s specification looks similar to classic 500, but this bike has special theme colour that reincarnates, the World War II bike model, which is brought back to life.

Riding feel and performance are similar to classic 350 stealth black.

Royal Enfield always has been part of army regiments and offer great performance on tough conditions and the untold story behind this limited edition of Royal Enfield Pegasus follows,

The story of Pegasus starts with 10 K brave soldiers  of the Pegasus caught behind the enemy lines, constantly under fire facing a tough opposition and they where looking for a way out, thats where the Royal Enfield WD125 also known as flying flee descended straight from the sky as a saviour of these soldiers as these bikes where para-dropped to provide mobility options for these soldiers to escape. The bikes where reseleant to stroke 125 war horse, light weight, compact design, so that the soldiers could lift it up over any unrideable or hurdle circumstances on all different terrains as well .

Similarly Pegasus is a tribute to the Indian Armed Forces, the classic 350 Pegasus, will be made available on two matte finish color options, blue and the other near like storm finish. Most likely Pegasus is like to be priced Rs. 25 K-30 K higher than the classic 350, Pegasus will be suffixed with a Indian Flag on the fuel Tank and to distinguish between Pegasus 350 and 500.

So Royal En-field has given a chance for their beloved customer’s to earn such a legendary war horse , which is a limited edition series only 1000 units across the nation’s are produced and out of that only 250 units are allocated for Indian market, It has a rich historical theme. As soon as the online booking opened in Just 178 seconds the bikes are completely booked and sold off. Cant wait to see these bikes on roads.

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