October 3, 2023
Canada Doctor Protesting

Have you ever heard about protests for getting paid too much

Recently at Canada, over 500 doctors and 150 medical students started there protest against the recent salary hike.

The Quebec doctors and medical students, who are more concerned on the benefits of their fellow workers, who are working for long working hours and also they feel that rather than providing them with hike, this fund could be given as a hike to the nurses, clerks and for the deserving professionals, who face very difficult working conditions.

So Quebec doctors also say that this fund could be utilized to improve the standard of working conditions of the people and more nurses has to be recruited as the Canada public health system provides universal coverage for medically needed patients, so such treatments has to be provided on the basis of need rather than ability to pay, so in order to serve better for the patients, who are hospitalized, more nurses and support staffs has to be recruited and also to prevent these nurses and support staffs from getting overloaded and stressed up, so they feel this fund would help a bit towards development of health care industry.

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Really such protests has to be Appreciated and people across the world, who are getting over payed should take it as an example and learn from this moral act and help the needy, thereby contribute a better living and donate their suplus income to the deserving people, which would bring happiness to yourself and to your family.

By this act of the Quebec doctors and medical students. They have gained a lot of attention and they proved that health care industry is a service and not a business. This act of these Quebec doctors also reflected as service to mankind is service to God.

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