October 3, 2023
Jawa Bikes

Jawa Motorcyles will be Launched in India know its History

The man behind the invention of Czech(Jawa) is  František Janeček, who’s master mind is not only concealed with the ideology behind Jawa alone, Frantisek has made around 60 patent inventions, while he served on Czech Army during the world war I.

Later Janecek shifted gears and concentrated on the two-wheeler segment. Before 1929, he purchased a German motorcycle company called Winklhofer & Janicek with complete design blueprints for Wanderer and there born the name of Jawa as he combined, the first two letters of Wanderer & Janicek.

The first motorcycle that was produced by Jawa Motor was Jawa 500 OHF on 1929. Later he recruited a renowned British engineer – Patchett, to improve the design and structural aspects the bike.

As he took charge as Chief Engineer of Jawa Motorcycles, through his shear hard work, he developed a Motorcycle with 175cc engine, which delivered 6hp at 3750rpm, which became successful in terms of design, strength to weight ratio and also in terms of Efficiency, later Jawa stopped the production of its 500 cc bikes..

Followed by many successful variants in terms of the bikes capacities where launched subsequently, which has obtained a brand value for Jawa.

Later Jawa entered the Indian fleet as a Mysore based started the bikes production in the name of Ideal Jawa from 1960, later the  phrase forever bike forever value turned out to be a famous lines for decades until now.

Ideal Jawa successful produced many iconic variants like Jawa ‘A’ type, Yezdi 250B,Yezdi 250Monarch,Yezdi 250 Road king, and few others models and later the company was shut down on 1996.

But still the craze for these bikes still remains same as these bikes give a classic touch and as the Jawa’s re-entry was announced after 22 years, it was a great treat for bike lovers, later the inaugural ceremony was conducted on Nov 2018 and was announced two variants will start to roll from Jan 2019 and the Perak model well be all set to roll by March

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