March 20, 2023

India up against Bangladesh at Asia Cup Finals

Asia Cup 2018 final

The most awaited Asia cup final match is all set, as the teams are cut short, over the previous qualifiers and at-last final match between India and Bangladesh will be played on September 28 at Dubai.
As Bangladesh comes with a positive not after they defeated Pakistan and there by they qualified to the finals to play up against India and on the other hand India comes with a sad note as the struggled with Afghanistan and there by somehow managed to tie match that they played with Afghanistan. Afghanistan really played with a good temperament and their by they outplayed India with their in depth spinners and with some part timers as well.
Now comes the interesting facts about the finals, as the Finals will be played between India and Bangladesh, previously the most expected nail biting math would be the match between India and Pakistan and as Pakistan game quality was stepped down slightly as team is considerably failing, so in this season of Asia cup Pakistan’s place is replaced by Bangladesh as their game has improved a lot over these years.
So definitely the match between India and Pakistan definitely going to be a interesting match to watch, but the in the last match against Afghanistan,India gave rest to the main players as they had back to back matches and there by gave chances to few benchers, Afghanistan played really well and gave a tight fight up against the Mighty Indians and their by due to the irresponsible shot that  was played by Sir Jadeja, India were only able to tie the match against Afghanistan, so anyway India will come back from this with their mainframe team and will surely register their victory tomorrow.

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