October 3, 2023
india vs kenya football

Wheather its Football or Cricket the Indian Skippers have big plans ahead

The Indian Football team skipper Sunil Chetri, showcased a splendid performance on their final match against Kenya, were they thrashed Kenya 2-0 in the intercontinental cup very recently and their by attracted the attention of the world.

Sunil Chhetri, who equalized Lionel Messi’s 64 international goals, and he is very focused, committed and their by trying to take his national side to reach great heights.

In recent times the Indian Football captain, Sunil Chetri who came up on TV commercial asking for support from the football supporters, which went viral and immediately on the match up against Kenya India registered their victory on the final match of the intercontinental cup and the Chhetri’s comparison with Messi’s 64 international goals grabbed some attentions among the football lovers.

On the other hand the skipper is focusing on his next mission, Asian cup which will be played next year along with Thailand, UAE and Baharain. He also added that his primary vision to take his team to next level that is to be one among Asia’s top ten.

India is a place, where we can find many talented players, who are when, fine tuned definitely can create wonders, the understanding that we have about other sports and the support that we show to the other teams,  if we show a little to our national football team would definitely inspire and drive these players automatically.

So let us unite together to support our Indian Football team and wish them win their forth coming matches and make Indians proud.

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