October 3, 2023
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How to earn more money in Uber?

Uber is one of the most innovative companies in recent years; it has more than a million drivers in more than 400 cities around the world.

One of the biggest advantages of this transport system, for those who work on it, is that you are your own boss and can set your own work hours.

Here, we bring you 10 tricks to get more Uber rides and increase your income through this amazing app.

Uber is a platform that allows you to earn a considerable amount of money as a secondary extra income. If you are already a driver associated with this great company, then we recommend you to raise the level of your work and know how to earn more in Uber.

1. Know your work area

To know how to earn money in Uber let me tell you to know the neighborhood in which you will be driving.

It is not just about knowing the names of the streets by heart, or the shortcuts, to get to pick up a customer faster. One of the secrets to earning more money with uber is also knowing the times when there is more vehicle traffic and the need for drivers.

For example, if the clubs and bars close around 3am, then it is necessary to plan your day taking that information into account. This gives you an advantage over the other drivers in knowing how to earn more money in Uber. It is also vital to know the rush hours, which usually run between 4 pm and 6 pm in most cities.

2. Play good music or ask your clients what they prefer to listen to

Many Uber drivers have spoken from the voice of experience, commenting on the importance of a varied selection of music, when it comes to work.

If you want to know how to earn more money in Uber, then hitting the nail on the head with music that can entertain all your passengers at the same time is an advance.

This can make the difference between a 1-star ride and a 5-star ride. So you should keep up with the music trend if you want to know tricks to earn more money in Uber.

3. Be thoughtful with passengers

Do you want to know how to get more trips in Uber? Well, what it takes is to keep your passengers happy.

One way to get 5-star ratings on all your tours is to offer travelers a treat. Or just a sip of water, which they may be needing at the moment. This is not a mandatory fact, but when it comes to customer service jobs. The more pleased your passengers are, the easier the job will be for you and the more income you will produce. This is one of the best tricks to get more uber rides.

4. Insurance policies

Although the Uber company has its own insurance policy, it does not hurt to be extra cautious and have your own insurance.

You must be wondering how an insurance policy will make me know how to earn more money in Uber?

Well, it is not something that makes you generate extra income directly, but being cautious and having a savings fund for emergencies is also a way to earn.

Thus, in the event of an accident, or any type of emergency, you will not have to run to break your piggy bank and spend the money that has cost you so much to obtain.

5.- Know your business

The best thing you can do, before embarking on any type of business, is to buy before you sell.

In other words, to know how to earn more with Uber, you must know the product or service you are offering well, in order to take full advantage of the time you will invest at work.

Before starting as an Uber driver and understanding how to earn more money in Uber, take at least a few trips as a passenger, interact with the drivers and ask them for their experience on the subject.

6. How to earn more money in Uber? Invest in the business

Many times, we don’t know how or when to start this shared business, nor how to earn more money in Uber.

There are already online courses that allow you to learn more about how this platform works and substantially increase your income.

The investment, to which we refer here, is almost minimal and the benefits will be noticeable.

If you are looking for how to earn more in Uber, we advise you to invest a little time and money in educating yourself on the operation and strategies of shared trips.

7. Mobile advertising

Ridesharing isn’t the only way to make money with Uber!

Another of the tips to earn more in Uber, is to promote or promote products in your car, while you are a driver. There is a completely free platform called CoPilot, which is responsible for showing you the latest technology products that you can promote in your car. To get started, all you have to do is register and you will receive a product package and training to maximize the success of your campaign.

8. Tax deduction

This is another of Uber’s tricks to earn more, which may surprise many, but given that, by working for companies like Uber…

You can deduct mileage expenses and the cost of vehicles from your taxes!

Keep a record of all the expenses you have had, regarding the maintenance of your vehicle and deduct them from your taxes, I assure you that you will thank us and you will see how you earn more money in Uber.

9. Avoid driving too much

Chasing business, driving around town in search of a passenger, rarely results in profitable business.

But… How to earn more money in uber with this?

The extra expense, in the maintenance bill of your car, will result in losses for you if you dedicate yourself to driving without need (gasoline for example). We advise you to have a book on hand, a good game on your phone, or some other form of entertainment that allows you to kill time between one trip and the next.

10. Tricks on how to earn more money in uber: Avoid unprofitable area

The center of the city is always where there is the most movement, it is in these places where the majority of Uber users are, so staying in that area is the most recommended. However, you will always find a passenger who needs to go to the suburbs. The suburbs are crowded with houses and repetitive streets, they are usually a dead zone. Ideally, once you leave your passenger at their destination, you return to the center, or to a more profitable area.

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