October 3, 2023
Kerala Flooding 2018

Floating Kerala – History Repeats on Different Destinations

As usual routine the rainfall started on the first week of August 2018, but as time passes by the mid of August itself intensified and their by Kerala received 30% more rains than the long term average and the worst affect district is idukki, which received 70% more than long term average, where reservoirs like idukki, mullaiperiyar etc, in which 34 off 37 dams had been opened already as the water levels on these reservoirs exceeded its storage capacity.

Within the first 24 hours of rainfall the state received around 310mm, which is very far from controllable limits, 14 districts are affected and as of now 350+ peoples are dead and more than 5 lakh peoples have lost their home and in order to accommodate these people the Kerala government has set up 1026 relief camps has been set up and the Disaster teams have been deployed for rescue operation.

The center has allocated 1k crores, but the demand by Kerala government was 1220 crores, to help these fellow brothers and sisters funds and supporting hand has are started generating their funds to contribute to help the flood affected Kerala.

Out of 14 districts, all the 14 districts have been affected and in which 8 districts have been severely affected by floods. The reason behind high tolled death rate is due to landslides across these cities, the cause of these landslides are caused due to the exploitation of these natural resources like accusation of lands and construction of building in the name of tourism, cutting down Mountains for granites and sand for our own requirements. In the year 2011 a team has conducted a research and had already reported about the exploitation of the rocks, and also had advised the government that such acts will result in such disastrous natural calamities which the state is suffering and not only Kerala many other cities have also suffered such problems previously, so at this time we are bringing to your attention, so to unite together to Make bring some changes to avoid such hurtful calamities in future.

Last thing is that I wanted to say is many of us wanted to donate and there by help our brothers and sisters who are in needy, To make sure that our hard earned money reaches the people who are really suffering, please donate for the noble cause only through the reputed organizations and the state government of Kerala also have opened a website and shared a account number so you could utilize that and help our brothers and sisters, who really need our support.

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