June 8, 2023
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Famous road trip to take with self-drive car in South India

A famous road trip requires a self-drive car we all dream of a road trip happening, and ComfortDrive is here to make that dream true. We provide a car for rent in Coimbatore without the driver hiring us. Whether you’re planning a visit by bike or along with your family in an exceeding car that provides you a clear stage in your regular life is named a road trip. Although the road trip within our state gives pleasure and joy, it helps to understand your state better.

These are the most effective places for a road trip:
• Ooty
• Munnar
• Yercaud
• Mahabalipuram
• Vellore

Ooty boasts excellent driving routes for cars and motorcycles. It helps to feel nature, and most bike lovers like this place the foremost. This place wonders that the greenhouse and flower show that happens in it slowly.If you visit this place at that point, it gives you a cheerful feel. It is a hill station. If you want to explore it, you’ll have a well-kept vehicle; if you do not have one, don’t worry; we provide rental cars in Coimbatore. For hire, contact us and embark on your journey. If you’re addicted to nature and love long drives, a visit from Coimbatore to Ooty can make your mood good.

The town and hill resort in Kerala is called Munnar. This can be the only preferred route for many travelers on a road trip. Munnar is situated around 1,600 meters within the Western Ghats and is termed “Small Kashmir.” thanks to the climate and greenery places, most people go there for their honeymoon. Green slopes, tea plantations, and similar waterfalls can be seen in Munnar. Its great road routes. Hire self-drive cars on rent with ComfortDrive. We provide a good-condition car from Chennai.

In the south Indian hill station of Yercaud, there’s a large, unman-made lake called the Emerald Lake.
It’s encircled by gardens, trees, and peaks of clouds. Its fruit, coffee, spice, and orange groves are wellknown. Because of the boat house, many of us go there. Yercaud is endued with an incredible climate, and visitors can benefit from the state’s warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage there.

One of the simplest road trip routes in Tamil Nadu you’ll be able to take is Mahabalipuram. Mamallapuram may be a historic city. It has many sculptures and historical arts and is known for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves. If you want artistic things, it is the best place for you. Except for these, you’ll visit the beach and ocean view and also try surfing. This temple is the best tourist attraction. ComfortDrive offers a lease in Madurai; hire us and explore the travel.

It provides complete control over slow, enables you to find a replacement location on a side trip, and strengthens your relationship with yourtraveling companion. So,start the road trip together with your friends and relations. Vellore is the best tourist place in Tamilnadu, and it is a place for many likely the family. There are historical and olden temples out there. ComfortDrive offers vehicles for road journeys within your means if you’re considering renting a car. Don’t skip eating some biryani that’s special for Ambur.

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