June 8, 2023

Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders match is at doubt

Though Chennai is a place, where we can see diehard fans Chennai Super Kings, but still their is a bitterness that is prevailing at Chennai due to Cauvery water dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, if want to know exactly what is the dispute with this Cauvery water dispute, we have to go deep down the history to understand this issue and how important this issue is about, which is stopping the Chennai Super Kings fans from showing their attention towards the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.


Even India-Bangladesh share water, Infact India- Pakistan share water,  but why the problem between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is creating a hell lot of problem.


Let us understand the problem between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka first, The river called Cauvery starts from a place called  Kodugu hills that is located in Karnataka and flow through a major area in Tamil Nadu and finally gets immersed in the sea, it’s basically a seasonal river, which only through monsoon rain the river gets more active, but the India-Pakistan-Bangladesh share on a river, which comes from the glaciers of Himalayas, So irrespective of the rain they could get water throughout every season, but as of the Cauvery is concerned it’s based on the seasonal rain. So on some monsoons when their was less rain, the Karnataka government says no to water, this is main problem which is taking place for the past 200years, the problem started when the farmers started to cultivate Rice, they started to require more water, earlier in the 19th century the Karnataka was called as Mysore Princely State and Tamil Nadu and Kerala,  where called as Madras Presidency, So at the start the people in Mysore Princely state started saying that we don’t have sufficient water to give it Madras presidency as they said they were only self sufficient, at that time British government were ruling in both the state’s, so both regions of the British rulers sat together and brought in a new agreement for usage of water by both the states and later the Karnataka Government appealed the court stating that they will give only less water to Tamil Nadu.

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As a resultant of this issue farmers in Tamil Nadu are facing a hell lot of water scarcity and because of this farmers were not able to repay the loan, which they borrowed from the various bank and other local fellows for high rate of interest,and as the Karnataka government refused to lend the water to Tamil Nadu farmers  and because of this many farmers committed suicide and many farmers made many protest outside the parliament asking for farmers loan wavier as well,but the ruling government didn’t even bother to respond, so as a result of this people have transformed into protestors and have come to the roads of Tamil Nadu supporting the farmers, and on such a high note of problematic situations that is prevailing in Tamil Nadu, the people are more concerned on getting the required water to Tamil Nadu and there by trying to restore peace and harmony in the life’s of the farmers, who feed us indirectly.


So some protestors have said that we don’t want the match to take place in such a situation and also added we are not against the cricket or IPL or CSK, but for a noble cause, but for these protestors, I like to say there are plenty of ways to bring the attention of the ruling government, but this is not the place to protest, even the Chennai Super Kings fans are much concerned about the Cauvery issue and even some of the protestors are Chennai Super Kings fans. So let’s support Chennai Super Kings on the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders and support Cauvery and sterlite issue.

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