October 3, 2023
Hiked prices in petrol

An expensive liquid – Petrol

Lot of things happening around us, but few things really matters and impacts on the way we change ourself towards various Influential basic things like petrol make big impact, as small hike on their costs will affect all other commodities finally we are stressed on seeing the monthly expenses.

So let’s try to understand the politics behind the demographics of petrol rise. Petrol resources are available in India, so petrol is imported largely from Middle East,  and due to clash between Iran and USA,  US government had imposed a ban, that is not buy crude oil from Iran, as Us is a dominating country, so all others even India stopped buying from Iran, who gave for a highly reasonable price.

So inspite of this the other countries in the Middle East utilized this and there by constantly increasing the crude oil price and have one of the reasons of this hike on the other the tax which is charged for petrol in India, would you believe it’s more than 100%, on an average of 120-140 % is charged, the actual crude oil cost comes around 30-35 Rs/Lit and after processing would come around just 40Rs/Lit so after that above mentioned tax, now finally it has come up to 83/Lit and still expected to reach the highest price this November, but the question here is why GST is not adhered to petrol and if the amount tax that is 37% is kept also it would hardly come around 50-55Rs, so both central and state government has to take responsibility and under the problems of its citizens, and act with responsibility and bring the price under control.

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