October 3, 2023
Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot Features and Working

Amazon Echo Dot

What is Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is blue tooth speaker which acts as voice activated personal assistant that listens to you voice and respond to your queries like if you want the latest news it will be able to tell you the latest news trending now.

Amazon Ech Dot 3rd Generation

What can you get from Amazon Echo ?

  • You can make a call, if the other caller uses amazon echo. Just as Landline Phones.
  • You can get cooking ideas, It browses the internet and provides you relevant answer to your queries. You can ask any cooking related queries like recipes, how much sugar to be added to tea or coffee
  • You will get the latest updated news from the internet which is trending presently.
  • You get the fitness feedback and the guidance on how you can be healthy.
  • You can also control the tv remote, Just you need to set it up.

These are the some feature listed above there is still lot can be done through the alexa

How much it cost in India

Amazon Echo Dot costs around Rs.2999 and it comes in three colors. Black, Grey and White

Buy Amazon Echo Dot Black Colour

Buy Amazon Echo Dot Grey Colour

Buy Amazon Echo Dot White Colour

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